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No. 1167
Datum: / Date: 20.10.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 16:01 Uhr
Name: Karen and Steve Laferney
Text: Your fall Corgi House is so sweet, Billie!!
I love the small details of the leaves blowing off the tree, and the train in the background. The little corgi trying to see what is for dinner is funny and so real!!!
I know it is a difficult time for you, I hope you are ok. Please let us know anything we can do.
Love you Billie!! <3

Thank you both...💗
I'm so grateful for the friendship and love of Corgi Nation...💗


No. 1166
Datum: / Date: 01.10.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 13:39 Uhr
Name: Barbara Yeida Zuleski
Wohnort: / Domizil: Jackson, MI
Text: We so love your salute to Autumn and October.

Thank you, Babs! It's Blaubär, who celebrate this...:-)


No. 1165
Datum: / Date: 23.09.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 21:37 Uhr
Name: Melissa Renick
Text: Beautiful artwork! Such talent! Love it!

Thank you, Melissa...💗


No. 1164
Datum: / Date: 01.09.2017 um 03:41
Uhrzeit: / Time 03:41 Uhr
Name: Debbie
Text: Delightful, enchanting and magical as always Billie.
Thank you!

Thank you, Debbie!


No. 1163
Datum: / Date: 10.08.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 10:19Uhr
Name: Ginny
Text: OOOOH wie schön es gibt Sommerkino!! Frauchen und ich freuen uns ganz doll!!

Ja, das musste einfach mal wieder sein...:-)


No. 1162
27.07.2017 um 19:06 XXXXXX
Uhrzeit: / Time 19:06 Uhr
Name: Brigitt Edelmann
Wohnort: / Domizil: CH - 9240 UZWIL
Text: Liebste Billie,
ich umarme dich und schicke dir alle meine guten Gefühle, ich möchte dich unterstützen in deiner schweren Zeit.
Ich denke zurück an Aki, an Bommel, an Rieke und an den kleinen Bär. Ich habe alle so lieb gewonnen durch deine Zeilen und Fotos. In deinen Corgi Büchern leben sie weiter und auch in den Herzen von deinen Freunden.
Du hast mir soviel gegeben, liebe Billie, ich habe dich sehr lieb und danke dir herzlich,

Liebe Brigitt,
vielen Dank für die guten Worte. Das hilft wirklich sehr.
Es wird wohl eine Weile brauchen, bis ich wieder einigermaßen in der Balance sein werde.
Ganz lieben Gruß und Dank, Billie...💗


No. 1161
Datum: / Date: 23.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 19:44 Uhr
Name: Debbie
Text: Dearest Billie,
For so many years you and Aki, along with Rieke, Blaubär and Bommel, have brought joy, inspiration, treasures, love, comfort and sheer magic across the globe.
During this time of of unimaginable loss I am sending those intangible treasures to you in the hopes they bring you some comfort and solace.
Love - Debbie

Dear Debbie, I enjoy all the great love and comfort of Corgi Nation so very much!
Thank you...💗


No. 1160
Datum: / Date: 23.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 12:48 Uhr
Name: Steve and Karen Laferney
Wohnort: / Domizil: Oxnard, CA, USA
Text: We understand today is very difficult for you, Billie.
We are so sorry you lost both of your boy within months of each other. If there is anything we, or Corgi Nation can do for you, please let us know.
You have given us so much pleasure for so many years!!!
You are a corgi institution!!!
We love you and send our prayers of goodwill. ❤️💕🐾

Thank you for your very kind words! This time really is very difficult. I feel much better, wrapped in the love of Corgi Nation...💗


No. 1159
Datum: / Date: 22.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 21:55 Uhr
Name: Nancy
Text: A beautiful, and simple, tribute. Well done, Billie.
Love to you from afar.

Thank you, my dear friend...💗


No. 1158
Datum: / Date: 22.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 17:59 Uhr
Name: Barbara Zuleski
Wohnort: / Domizil: Jackson
Text: "We am praying for you as you mourn the loss of your family member, playmate, and friend."
Run Free, fly high Dear Bommel. You are now in the loving arms of Aki. Together you will always watch over your Lovely Billie.

Thank you, Babs... kisses for Gracie and Pumpkin kittie...💗


No. 1157
Datum: / Date: 22.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 17:04 Uhr
Name: Shelley Camm
Homepage www.yasashiikuma.com
Text: I am very sorry to hear about your losses.
I know this year has been very difficult and I hope that you can find a peaceful path through the rough waters ahead.

Thank you, Shelley...💗


No. 1156
Datum: / Date: 22.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 15:11 Uhr
Name: Nila Keen
Wohnort: / Domizil: Canada Corgi Nation
Text: Sorry to hear about Bommel getting his wings.
Love Nila

Thank you, Nila & Daddy...💗


No. 1155
Datum: / Date: 22.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 08:22 Uhr
Name: Michele, Hallie & Rusty
Wohnort: / Domizil: Golden, Colorado USA
Text: We are so saddened that sweet Bommel has left Corgihouse Billie and journeyed to The Rainbow Bridge.
But he is now with his Daddy, Rieke and Bär. They watch down on you dear Billie. He will visit in his time.
❤ ️ ❤ ️ ❤ ️

Thank you for your consoling words, dearest Michele...💗


No. 1154
Datum: / Date: 18.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 18:34 Uhr
Name: Lorraine Dodd
Wohnort: / Domizil: Broken Bow Nebraska
Text: So glad to be connected again.
Thank you, Billie

You're very welcome, Lorraine...<3


No. 1154
Datum: / Date: 10.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 04:48 Uhr
Name: Cindy, Darby and Riley
Text: Love the summertime theme!
Wanted to let you know we are keeping you in our thoughts and hearts, Billie! 💗

Thank you, dear Cindy! Corgi kisses for Darby & Riley...<3


No. 1153
Datum: / Date: 06.07.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 19:02 Uhr
Name: Brigitt Edelmann
Wohnort: / Domizil: 9240 UZWIL / Schweiz
Text: Liebe Billie, ich denke viel an dich und an Bommel.
Wie geht es euch ? Ihr seid fest eingeschlossen in meinem Herzen.
Ich schicke euch viele liebe Grüsse.
Eure Brigitt .

Dankeschön, liebe Brigitt!


No. 1152
Datum: / Date: 28.06.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 08:30 Uhr
Name: Michele, Hallie & Rusty
Wohnort: / Domizil: Golden, Colorado USA
Text: Thank you Billie, Angel Aki and handsome Bommel for the wonderful summer scene.
How exciting, out in the mountains, in the forest.
I enjoyed all those who crossed the bridge over the mountain snow run-off.
Especially the Backpacking chickens. What fun!
I wonder where the picnic will be? The artist of many wonders will no doubt surprise us one of these days.
Our love always and always. ❤️❤️

Thank you, dearest Michele, sweet Hallie & handsome Rusty...


No. 1151
Datum: / Date: 09.06.2017
Uhrzeit: / Time 17:13 Uhr
Name: Barbara Jo Carlson
Text: Prayers are being sent to your beautiful house.
Much love and many hugs to you as you go through the coming weeks.
We will miss Aki. I love you, Billie. Aki is at peace!

Thank you, Barbara...


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