Realising this Ceirt said: "You don't know, do you?"
She moved slightly forward and made herself comfortable on one of her small apples. "When someone dies, he will go over the rainbow bridge to the land beyond. There he will find all those who have gone before him; there will be no pain and all can fly again, laugh and dream…"
"And my Daddy is there too now?" Teddie asked puzzled, "but why then doesn't he visit me here?"

"The bridge can only be crossed in one direction", Ceirt said. "Only those who were loved so much that someone in our world keeps the door to the bridge open can return. In fact, over and over as long as someone thinks fondly of them…"

"Do you mean", Teddie asked startled, "do you mean I shall guard the door to the rainbow bridge all on my own?!"

"No, not just you. There are many others like you who have lost someone they loved very much. You are not alone, you only think so because it hurts so much".

"And what must I do?" Teddie asked hesitantly because the task seemed too big to him, "I have no idea what I have to do?"

Our special guest today is Denali Prater

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