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No. 1256
Datum: / Date: 08.05.2020
Name: Jane Adams
Wohnort: / Domizil: Texas
Text: Billie, I still enjoy visiting the Corgihouse very much. You are such a talented artist and the website is a joy!

Thank you, dear Jane...💗


No. 1255
Datum: / Date: 08.05.2020
Name: Becky Voegtlin
Text: Thanks for a look at fine outdoor days at Corgihouse! And who is writing a new book I wonder, and what sweetie is in the baby carriage? I especially love the quilter, and I recognize that quilt!

Yes, Becky, it's the Corgihouse-Quilt, it's still here to see.
Mr. Kringle is still in the stroller!! He is already 7 months old, but still acts like a baby...*lol*


No. 1254
Datum: / Date: 08.05.2020
Name: Shelley & Murfee
Wohnort: / Domizil: Ocala, Florida
Text: Thank you so much Billie for Corgihouse and all the joy you bring. You are so incredibly talented - thank you for sharing that talent for all to enjoy.

You are very welcome, Shelley and Murfee...❤


No. 1253
Datum: / Date: 08.05.2020
Name: Jan Reynolds
Text: This is so detailed, with beautiful flowers and a vefetable garden. I see quilting, embroidery, knitting and other things, with several different breeds of dogs. Look like a lot of work went into this one.. Great job!

The corgi at the right side of the tablevis making lace. A tricky thing, one of my friends does something like that.


No. 1252
Datum: / Date: 08.05.2020
Name: Connie Dowler
Wohnort: / Domizil: Los Gatos
Text: Your Corgihouse is always a delight!! Thank you so much for creating these and for bringing joy to us. :-)

Thank you, Connie...:-)


No. 1251
Datum: / Date: 08.05.2020
Name: Bobbie Mayer
Text: I know I have seen that quilt before! A picture of it anyway. Thank you so much for cheering up our days, Billie! We love and miss you. Olli and Sadie send puppy kisses.

Yes, my dear friend, it's the Corgihouse-Quilt, you also can see it closer here.
Sending hugs! We will be back soon...xoxo


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