Tutorial: textile face mask sewed by hand

Here is a - very abbreviated - (and as always handknitted by Billie) English version of the tutorial.
This guide is free, for private use only and I am not making any profit from it. Sewing and use is at your own risk.
What makes the German version so much longer are mainly the instructions for use, as well as the washing instructions etc.
Please inform yourself on reputable English-language pages! Thank you...:-)

It is needed:
Cotton fabric, 2 strips, approx. 1.5 inch width, 35 inch length
Cotton fabric, 1 piece, approx. 6.7 inch width, 16 inch length
solid wire made of stainless steel, diameter approx. 0.04 inch, 6.7 inch length, bent at the ends approx. 0.5 inch

Fold the strips of fabric lengthways in the middle. Lay both sides inside. Iron it.

Fold the piece of fabric right to right in the middle. Sew up and down.

Turn the piece, you should now see the pattern.

Sew a seam at the top and bottom at a distance of approx. 0.3 inch.

Fold the fabric three times, as you can see in the picture. Wrinkle depth approx. 0.5 inch.
Fix with pins. Insert the wire at the top edge.

Secure both sides with a seam close to the edge.

Close the strips of fabric with a long seam, inserting the middle part of the mask approximately in the middle.
Be careful with the wire and the sewing machine needle!


Application: The wire is used so that the textile face mask sits close over the nose and face as the wire to suit your face.
The mask is washable at at least 150 ° F - 212 ° F. Spin only a little, pull into shape while still wet. The textile face mask has to be changed regularly several times, wash hands after removing them, it is best to immediately disinfect the mask in a saucepan with boiling water.
Important: Wearing the mask does not release you from the currently usual hygiene measures!

The protection is not nearly identical to the protection of a professionally manufactured respiratores.
Self made textile face mask can always be only semi-optimal. Nevertheless, it serves hygiene and protects our resources on medical masks as long as there are not enough high-quality respiratory masks for everyone.

It is not forbidden to sew funny textile face mask. But on the contrary...:-)

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